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Hey, nice to meet you! If there's anything to know about it, it's that everything I do is for those that mean the world to me. I'm a wife, a mother, cat mom, photographer, and a soul filled with wanderlust. And I kind of really love what I do. 

Some things to know about me - I literally talk to everyone like I've known them for years even if I've just met you. I ditch a lot of the formalities and just throw myself into conversations and getting to know everyone. I want to know those nitty gritty details about your life and what makes your story amazing. I love to laugh and I love when my clients laugh with me. For me, happiness is found in those authentic moments - the belly laughs, booty grabs, genuine smiles, and emotional tears. I absolutely love goofing around with bridal parties, and have an affinity for those who claim to be awkward and shy! I've been a photographer for over 5 years now and a wedding photographer for almost half of that time. Just give me mountains, fields, hills, and a sunset and let's make magic, know this - I'll be right by your side on the most important day of your life.

My photography style can be described as moody and warm. I love color, light, drama, and romanticism. I draw inspiration dramatic imagery, encourage romance and laughter, and love shadows. I'm definitely not your mama's photographer.

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Hey, I'm Kelly!

Here's a snapshot into my world.

A Little Behind The Scenes Of My Life

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I love adventure and exploring. I've always had a wandering soul and have lived all over the United States and Germany but I'm drawn to wispy fields, pines, mountains, and sunsets. While California is a gorgeous state that hosts many adventurous spots, I also love seeing what else the world has to offer and can't wait to get out there and find some fun!


Noisy, crazy, and weird, this is my life. Occasionally joining me on my adventures trying to find the perfect locations and always down to try my cooking and baking. After shooting all day, I love coming home to my people, trying to figure out what to do with time off, and enjoying new joints to eat at. 

My Family

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My Favorite Things

Where do I even start.... let’s just say Kelly is hands down very talented in what she does, she is very detail oriented and the whole process from engagement photos to our wedding photos was a breeze. She just made the whole process so much easier that we did not need to worry at all. She made sure every single detail was covered and made sure that she knew if I wanted something in particular. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, and I will be using her in anything else that I might need. Completely fell in love with all my portraits and so did our family.

Brenda & Jesus

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If you have not already booked a photographer, do yourself a favor and book Kelly NOW!! I booked Kelly and it was the absolute best decision ever! Kelly made me feel at ease about this entire process. When COVID hit, she reached out to me to make sure I was doing ok and to let me know she still planned on covering our wedding, no matter what it looked like! She even helped me come up with my wedding day timeline so we could get the sunset photos we wanted after the ceremony. Kelly was very prompt, she made it to the salon and the venue before me! I tried to prepare her for my crazy family before hand, and she had zero issues asking my sisters to “clear the room” when I needed some one-on-one time with my now step-children. Kelly’s personality is great, she’s laid back, rolls with the punches and blends in when she’s doing her thing. As promised, we got our sneak peek photos very quickly and I received our entire photo album within a few weeks of our wedding day and the photos are gorgeous! Kelly not only captured all the special moments, but she also captured our personalities as well! If I had to do it all over again, one thing I am certain about, I would DEFINITELY hire Kelly Eileen Photos for my special day!

Patricia & Adrian

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Some Kind Words